Wooden crates are one of the best packaging materials you can find these days. Their self-supporting structure makes them the preferred choice when it comes to shipping of different products ranging from heavy equipment to lightweight items. Some of the advantages you can look forward to when it comes to wooden crates include:

Affordability Wooden crates are more affordable compared to other types of commercially available packaging materials like plywood boxes. This is because their production cost is much lower. Most of the wood used to make them is still in its natural state. They also come in very simple natural designs. Production of such simple designs does not require heavy investment or complex equipment. Their straightforward design means they do not have to go through complicated processes during their manufacture, which results in cheaper products.

Heightened security and protection Instead of using locks, wooden crates come sealed all round making access by unauthorized personnel nearly impossible. In addition, because of their thick walls, they have great strength. Wooden crates will easily withstand vertical pressure to ensure its contents remain safe at all times. They also keep contents safe in some of the worst environments by ensuring no moisture, dirt or any other kind of harsh exterior agents affects its contents.

The wood used in making wooden crates is a special type of wood that can withstand corrosion and is resistant to bugs and pests. The wood may be lightly treated to withstand extreme temperatures and have the needed resilience to environmental agents.

Non Toxic Wooden crates do not have any toxic chemicals in them thanks to their simple and all natural manufacturing process. Other types of crates, like Plywood, contain chemicals like glues and adhesives used to hold them together, not to mention the numerous additives that enhance their appearance and durability.

Wooden crates are mostly manufactured in chemical free wood assembly plants. Plus, they are put together using nails or screws. Natural treatments like heat treatment may be employed to ensure they have a considerable amount of resistance to elements such as weather.

100% Reusable Wooden crates are designed for long-term use. Some manufacturers even have crates that can be returned to the shipper for reuse. Apart from reuse as packaging materials, wooden crates can also be reused in a number of home decor applications ranging from making home storage crates, household furniture and garden planters for your home.