There is a myriad of advantages to installing bi-fold doors when constructing your new home or making renovations on your existing one. For instance, they are excellent additions for small spaces where you intend to create an illusion of space. Bi-fold doors also offer an incredible view to your garden from inside your home. However, there is usually a huge choice of bi-fold door options to take into consideration when you are in need of these types of doors. Knowing what will work for you and give you the best value for your money requires that you think about the following when selecting these doors.


Timber and aluminium are the major materials used on bi-fold doors. Timber is excellent when you want to achieve a traditional style on your house. It is also highly versatile because you can choose from the many wood species available. In addition, the thermal insulation of timber is usually relatively high. However, you may need to do a lot on your timber bi-fold doors in terms of maintenance because you will need to varnish or repaint them regularly to not only maintain their appearance but also to keep pests and bugs at bay.

Aluminium is becoming popular because of its low maintenance requirements, strength, and aesthetic properties. The excellent strength to weight ratio of aluminium means aluminium bi-folds can be manufactured with a slimmer profile without affecting the strength of the doors. This leaves more space for the glazing area, which maximises the amount of light that can enter your home. However, since aluminium bi-folds are not as thermally efficient as their timber counterparts, insist on those that come with a thermal breaker, which is typically a barrier that is installed between the framing to enhance the thermal performance of the door.

Number of Leaves

This is another crucial aspect to think about when selecting bi-fold doors. You can choose bi-fold doors with as many leaves as you please. As you do this, however, remember that the number of leaves will determine how much the door will retract when open. The extent to which your retracted door will be when open will increase with the number of leaves. Too many leaves also may affect the aesthetic appeal of the doors.

Rolling Mechanism

Bi-fold doors are usually heavy, which is why they rely on rolling systems for movement. The type of rolling system used on the door determines how easy it will be to move it. For instance, consider a bi-fold door with a flat-wheel system that runs on a flat surface instead of a grooved-wheel mechanism on rails. This is because the former will ensure smoother operation, regardless of the position of the door.