Few pleasures trump the feeling when you take a dip in your swimming pool. The pool pump filters dirt out of the water so that you can swim in a clean pool. With pool, pumps come costs, and when you are planning to buy one, it helps to know the options you have. They are;

Single speed pumps

They operate at a fixed speed hence at a single horsepower. If you want the cheapest pump, this is the one for you. Single speed pumps are usually bigger than other types hence they consume more power. In fact, their power consumption is so high that it might be wise to buy a more expensive pump which is cheaper to operate. Also, they are noisy.

Dual speed pumps

As aptly named, a dual speed pump can operate at two speeds. You can let the pump run at low speeds all the time and switch it to high speeds when backwashing, heating and vacuuming the pool. You don't have to worry about a lot of noise with dual speed pumps when they are operating at low speed. Also, they consume way less power than the single speed pumps. You will recoup the outlay you spent when buying it in energy savings if you compare it with a single speed pump.

Variable speed pumps

These pumps can operate at various speeds. As a result, you can fine tune flow rates so that the pump performs optimally for your pool. Variable speed pumps are silent, and they vibrate at a lesser rate compared to dual speed and single speed pumps. You also get to pay less in energy bills with these pumps. The only issue you might have with the variable speeds pump is the price of buying one. However, you can save in energy bills more than you spent in the buying price over the years if you compare it with dual and single speed pumps.

Choose the right size

All these pumps come in different sizes, and it is important that you choose a pump that will be able to handle the capacity of your pool. A big pump has greater capacity than a small pump, and it works well in a big pool. If you get a big pump for a small swimming pool, it will result in higher than necessary energy and operating costs. Conversely, a pump which is too small for your pool will not be able to filter the water as needed, and the pool will not be so pleasant. Lastly, it will not last long. Your pool supplier will help you know the right size for your pool.

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