If you need to do boring on your site, you have several different options. They include using a rotary auger, displacement boring, rotary drilling and a few other methods. Here are five signs that you may need to consider wash boring for your next project:

1. You Want to Bore With a Small Amount of Equipment

With wash boring, you don't need that much equipment. Generally, the process only involves a pressure hose and a pump along with a winch and a pulley to hold everything together. Additionally, you need the drill rod and a light bit.

2. You Are Working With Soft Rocks

Due to the light or soft bit used in wash boring, you can typically only use this method for boring through soft formation rocks. That includes rocks such as limestone or shale, and this method also works in situations where you are boring directly into soil.

If you are trying to bore through granite, mudstones or other hard rocks, you may need to choose another method.

3. You Like Boring With Water

As indicated by the name, wash boring washes water into a hole to bore through it. The water is pressurised and it goes into the hole. That along with the twisting action of the bit helps to move rock and soil out of the way.

4. You Have a Plan for the Slurry

As the boring process takes place, that produces a slurry. Usually, the slurry gets forced up the out of the hole. This tends to create less waste than a lot of other drilling methods. However, you still need a plan to deal with the slurry. If you haven't added too any chemicals to the water used in the wash boring process, you may even be able to use the slurry as fill dirt.

5. You Want to Investigate the Soil in an Area While wash boring can be used for a range of situations, it doesn't necessarily have to be used in situations where you are trying to bore a hole into the ground, per se. You can also use wash boring to investigate the different layers of soil in an area. To do this, you watch the soil as it comes out of the ground. Then, you note changes in its composition through visual analysis. If you don't have a person on your team who can help with that, you may want to hire a wash boring expert to help you.