Tiny home projects are known as DIY projects. Though some of the elements to a tiny home can be purchased as a prefabricated option, most of the home is still a DIY project. Part of a tiny home project is the wiring. Even if you use solar panels, you will still need wiring of some kind to connect the power source to outlets within the tiny home. Many people forgo the DIY option for power sources and go with electrical contractors. Here are some reasons why you should too.

Switching Power Sources

Most tiny home are equipped with more than one power source in mind. For example, the standard is to have an electrical power source for when you are stationary and a solar power source for travel or off grid exploration. This type of set-up usually requires a switch of some kind and the ability to safely switch between the power sources as needed. An electrical contractor can set this up for you easily and ensure that the outlets switch between the power sources safely. They can also ensure that the switch between the power sources will not cause a surge that could lead to an electrical fire.

Multiple Power Installation

You may go with a plan to have part of the tiny home on electrical power, while another part of the tiny home runs on solar only. For example, you may want to have all of the hot water run on a solar tankless option while the rest of the tiny home is on electric power. This can be tricky to set up and can become confusing in smaller spaces like tiny homes. An electrical contractor can handle the multiple power installation and make sure they do not cross and that everything operates safely without wires crossing or being exposed to areas where they can become frayed or damage.

Specialty Installation

You may have some special design aspects to your tiny home that require electric power. These specialty options may not be easy to install without the proper experience. For example, you may have a bed that is on an electric lift system. The system keeps the bed in the loft area during the day and lowers it at night into the sitting area to give a larger sleeping area without climbing into the loft. Your electric contractor can install this easily and show you how to operate it properly.

These are only three of the reasons to use an electrical contractor for your tiny home project. If you are ready to move forward, contact your local contractor for pricing, scheduling and a consultation if necessary.