If you are planning on constructing a residential structure on your lot, you should hire a construction surveyor to evaluate and plan your site. In general, construction surveying involves interpreting the building plans approved for the property. Then, the plans are used to mark out the physical land for the purpose of guaranteeing the success of the construction work. In simple terms, the construction surveying techniques will make certain that the structure is built in accordance with the proposed engineering drawings. Here are some of the critical guidelines that you should remember during the survey process.

Evaluate the Topography

You should examine the topography of your lot during the construction survey. The topography is an important aspect which will have significant impact on the interpretation of the design and subsequent construction of the proposed structure. In general, topographic assessment takes into account the different elevation points and contour lines on a specific piece of land. The specific topography of your plot might be influenced by natural or manmade features on the land. Once you obtain the topographic data through survey, you can decide on the best construction approach. For example, you can choose to use the elevations as elements of visual interest, or you can grade your land and eliminate the contour lines.

Determine Lot Boundaries

You should confirm the position of lot boundaries during the construction survey. Under ideal circumstances, you should stake out the specific corners of your plot of land. This process will ensure that the new structure is not built too close to the boundaries. Poor surveying habits can lead to the encroachment of residential buildings on the neighbour's property. If this occurs and the neighbour identifies the issue, you might get involved in a dispute and even suffer financial losses. Therefore, you should be cautious and mark out the boundaries before beginning construction.

Stake Out References

You should plan on staking out the reference points for your new building. Reference points are essential because they will guarantee that your building is installed in the ideal chosen spot within your lot. It is important to remember that the change in orientation or positioning during construction could compromise the benefits of a perfect design. When staking out the proposed building, you should also think about installing markers for other structures which will be present on site during construction. For example, you should have a clear idea on the location of construction trailers. Marking out such structures will help you keep your work site organised.