Picking the right structural engineer for your project is a vital part of ensuring the safety, operational efficiency, and final cost of the completed structure. Making the right choice will ensure that your build is completed on time and within the budget. If your structural engineer does not have the right skills, then costs could soon spiral as problems emerge during construction.

It's about more than just qualifications

It's good to look for a structural engineer that has suitable qualifications, but you will need to dig deeper than that to make sure that you have found the perfect engineer for your building project. You must search for a structural engineer with the ability to apply what they know in practical ways that result in a structurally sound building which complies with the relevant building codes. They should also build in operational efficiency to enhance the value of the total project.

How to select your structural engineer

Part of your consideration when choosing an engineer must be given to the fees they will charge, but it would be wrong to place all the weight on this single area. The cheapest proposal is not guaranteed to be the best value for money or to be the cheapest at the end when everything else is taken into account. Here are three factors, apart from price, which you must bear in mind while talking to prospective structural engineers:

1. Seeing the bigger picture

Does the structural engineer consider the solution to isolated problems, or do they come to you with a plan that takes the overall environment of the project into account? A holistic approach to structural engineering is a good indication that they will be able to balance all of the competing aspects of the design process and also factor in ease of construction as well.

2. Clearly defined scope of work

The scope of work document should be central to your selection of a structural engineer. Think carefully about how thorough the document is. If there are obvious gaps or areas that should be stated more clearly, then it's probable that costs could soon start to rise as new and unexpected costs are discovered as work progresses.

3. Available talent

If you are working with a team of structural engineers, you will want them to have all the knowledge required to complete the job. Find out what specialities the engineers have and how they can be applied to the project under discussion.

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