Do you plan to revamp your kitchen countertop? If you do, but you don't want to spend a lot of money on a kitchen upgrade, then a glass splashback upgrade is the way to go. Not only are glass splashbacks stylish, but they are also trendy, fashionable, and functional. The reflective surface fills a kitchen with light and colour, thereby adding life to what would be an otherwise dull space. That said, glass splashbacks come in a variety of designs, and it can be challenging to determine what works well. It is especially the case nowadays because paint technology has advanced significantly, and glass splashbacks come in a variety of finishes. Read on to find out tips for choosing the right colour for your kitchen splashback.

Ask for Glass Samples: When selecting a glass splashback for their kitchen, most homeowners rely on a colour chart and a picture of their kitchen. However, that is the wrong approach because you need to consider other factors as well. For instance, some colours appear different under natural light compared to cabinet light. Using a colour chart does not factor in these concerns; therefore, you might end up buying the wrong splashback. Consequently, it is critical to ask for samples of your favourite colour picks and take them home with you. The practical approach gives you an opportunity to examine how well the colours blend with the kitchen splashback during different times of the day as well as under artificial lighting. Once you have done all these, you'll be able to make an informed choice on what glass splashback colour suits your kitchen.

Consider Where the Splashback Ends: If you want the glass splashback to end in the same line as your kitchen cabinets, then it is appropriate to choose a colour that complements the cabinets. However, if the glass splashback needs to go the entire length of the countertop and past the cabinets, then you have to consider a glass splashback that blends well with both the cabinets and the countertop. Therefore, it is essential to make the decision early on, because the last thing you want is a glass splashback that complements certain features but contrasts other elements in the kitchen.

Type of Glass: The quality of colour finish on a glass splashback depends on the iron content. Some glass types have high iron content, which gives them a greenish tint. The glass type alters the paint colour on the splashback, which might not work well with your taste. On the other hand, glass that has low iron content is clearer, thereby ensuring optimal clarity and accurate colour representation. Therefore, when selecting a glass splashback, ask the supplier to specify the glass type.