If you are a commercial marine contractor and are interested in building a marina for commercial usage, you should design the space with diligence. In general, the design of the space will determine the convenience and functionality of the space. For instance, the determined design will influence the type of customers who will be attracted and the boats which can be moored on your property. The design will also determine the total income. Larger and diverse marinas will attract more clients, increasing the revenue. In addition, the created design will have a huge impact on the budget, ease of construction and general convenience. Here are crucial guidelines to help you achieve ideal results when designing your marina.

Consider the Existing Structures

You should think about the most convenient steps to take if there are existing structures on your commercial marina space. For instance, this consideration is critical if you have a small-scale docking pace and would like to transform it into a full-service marina. In general, there are two options to consider when designing your marina: demolition and incorporation. Where possible, it is advisable to incorporate your old structures into the new design. This is an environmentally-friendly and economical choice. In some cases, the old structures might not fit in with your goals for the new marina. If this is your situation, you will need to plan for demolition and begin designing from scratch.

Evaluate the Environment

When designing your marina, you should think about the environmental conditions. It is important to create marine structural elements which will work well in the selected construction site. If the new designed and built structures are at odds with the environment, the marina will not perform well. Moreover, you might need to spend more time on repairing your docks, piers and other structures. Therefore, you should conduct a thorough site evaluation and determine the most expedient design choices. For instance, if your site experiences significant tides, you might want to opt for a floating dock. You should also think about the salinity of the area. Highly saline sites must be built with highly durable materials.

Understand the Budget

Finally, you should keep the commercial marine construction budget in mind when designing your marina. In general, building this type of facility can be a costly undertaking. Therefore, if you are not cautious, your design could cost more than expected. Consequently, there might be significant project delays and the lack of sufficient funds to complete the construction work. For ideal results, you should consider the cost of each marina element during the design phase.