Land surveyors play an important part in construction and development projects. Many famous explorers, like Wills and Burke, had a surveying background. Thanks to most of these explorers, defining boundaries in the city and country allowed people to develop settlements in Australia. Some of the projects land surveyors are involved in include mapping out residential, commercial and industrial developments, examining archaeological sites and analysing land for improving infrastructure. When it comes to hiring a land surveyor for your property, there are some considerations you need to factor into your choice.

Advanced Surveying Equipment

Land surveying is a practice that is centred on precision. The traditional tape and transit methods are outdated. You should work with a surveyor who has state-of-the-art electronic angle and distance measurement tools and GPS technology for accurate and efficient land surveys. Besides the technological equipment used by a surveyor, you should determine their expertise in various surveying services. A professional who has the latest technology for different surveying practices will definitely render quality services.

Project Experience

Apart from looking into the certification and reputation of a prospect, you need to review their past projects. Customer reviews may be skewed because people are different in terms of opinions, tastes and standards. Therefore, it is better for you to check out your prospects' past projects. The ideal surveyors should have worked on projects including large area mapping and identification surveys. Interview your prospects on whether they have dealt with a project like yours before and their estimations on the price, duration and workmanship required.


The laws in Australia require all surveyors to be licensed. You need to ensure you hire a licensed contractor. Additionally, you need to look into the reputation of the surveyor and their customer satisfaction levels. Consult construction experts and read customer reviews to make sure you choose someone with a proven track record. You can also seek recommendations from your relatives or friends who have dealt with surveyors in the past.

Summing It Up

Whether you are subdividing land for development purposes or want to add value to your property by investing in construction, a surveyor will come in handy. The surveyor will not only inform you about the zoning laws of the land, but they will also advise you on whether developing the property is a smart move. Before you choose a surveyor, make sure you look into their expertise, reputation and fees.