Building surveyors are professionals tasked with ensuring construction work follows the building code and relevant legislation. Below is an extensive guide on building survey inspections and why you should consider the surveys when building your home. 

When Do You Need A Building Survey Inspection?  

Building surveys are mandatory for new construction projects. Depending on your state, you may also need a building survey when conducting significant renovations such as house extensions, installing foundation piles or pulling down interior walls.  

What Are The Benefits Of Building Surveys Inspections? 

The building code consists of design and construction regulations that ensure the resulting structure does not pose a risk to occupants. These regulations also ensure that the house can withstand stresses such as floods and earthquakes. It would be difficult for a house owner to understand these regulations. Besides, the builder could forego some of these construction guidelines since they are not visible to the eye. Building surveys compel the builder to follow these standards. As such, they ensure the structural integrity and safety of the finished home. 

Who Conducts Building Survey Inspection? 

In Australia, building surveys are conducted by accredited building surveyors. Building surveyors do not work for or alongside the contractor. They are independent consultants who do not answer to the contractor or homeowner. The surveyor's work is to ensure that the construction works meet the required standards. If they do not, the surveyor will give an enforcement notice that stops construction works until the contractor makes the recommended improvements. 

Building survey services could be part of the builder's contract. Simply put, the builder will hire the consultant and pay for the service. Alternatively, you could opt to hire a building surveyor. Other than the surveyor's pricing and reputation, you should also check their licence to ensure they are accredited to survey the class of building you intend to put up. 

What Are The Types Of Building Survey Inspections? 

The building surveyor will assess the construction blueprints to ensure that they meet the minimum standards. Once construction works commence, the surveyor will conduct surveys at critical stages. Typically, they will inspect the footings, slab, and framing. Depending on your state regulations, they might also need to examine the waterproofing. The surveyor awards a certificate that allows the contractor to work until the next inspection. The surveyor will conduct a final inspection and offer an occupation certificate that enables the homeowner to move into the house. 

Building survey inspections ensure that the construction works abide by the building code. As a rule, you should hire a building surveyor once you decide to build your home.