Having a new home built means you have control over every aspect of the build. This can mean changing the blueprint to suit your needs or having an additional room added to the final plan. However, there are some areas of the house that you may overlook or think would not have a huge impact on the final build. One of those areas is the basement. An option you can choose that will have an impact on the final build and feel of your home is a deep pour basement. Here are a few benefits to this option and why you should consider it. 

Higher Ceilings

The key feature of a deep pour basement is in the ceilings. Deep pour basements have higher ceilings than most basement areas. These higher ceilings generally match the ceiling height of other rooms in the house. You may not think this addition or change would matter. The truth is, higher ceilings can make a big difference to your level of comfort in the room and the use of the room. Though you may want the basement to hold appliances like washers and dryers or even hot water tanks, the higher ceilings allow you to create a downstairs living space. You can convert it into a playroom, television room or home office. 

Utilisation of Space

Something many homeowners do not consider is how much space of the house is not being used. When you have a deep pour basement put in, you are allowing the room to be open and the entire space to now be living space. Instead of just storage, you can utilise the space for one or more things. Offices, bedrooms and studio apartments are just some of the ways a space in the basement can be used. You can even separate the basement to have your laundry area and a separate living space of some kind. A deep pour basement gives you these options and allows you to use as much of your home space as possible. 

Energy Efficiency

One benefit to the deep pour basement is the ability to finish it. This finishing step places insulation and helps to keep the home more energy efficient throughout the year. Instead of having a large colder space on the house, you now have an insulated usable space. This means cold air won't throw off your temperature and helps your HVAC to run consistently. 

If you believe a deep pour basement may be ideal, discuss the options with your contractor. They can determine if it is a possibility for your home and if any changes need to be made to the rest of the blueprint. They can also discuss other options for the basement area you may want to consider. Contact a new home contractor for more information.