When it is parked outside, your car needs the protection of a carport the same way you and your family need a roof over your head to protect you from harsh weather. But choosing an appropriate design for your carport is not as easy as you may think, as there are so many critical factors you need to take into consideration before making a choice. Generally speaking, design considerations for carport constructions should be project-specific, but some factors tend to cut across the board. In this regard, make sure to think through the following things when you are choosing a design for your new carport.

Materials selection

Most carports are constructed using wood, steel or a combination of both materials. Before selecting materials for your undertaking, it is important to be aware that each type of material its upsides and downsides and each will have its best application somewhere. When selecting the most suitable materials to use in constructing a carport, compare the dollar-for-dollar value of the various materials you can choose from, and determine which one you stand to gain the most from.

Roof style

Another critical thing that you need to take into consideration is the style of roof required for your carport. This can be both a functional and aesthetic matter: you need a roof that can endure the harsh conditions outside, but also make your home's exteriors look better aesthetically. Hip roofs tend to provide better wind-resistance as compared to gables, but the latter are generally more pleasing to the eye, for example. Therefore, it is important to know beforehand what it is you intend to achieve with your construction.

Attached or freestanding

Carports can be built as free-standing structures (or outbuildings) or attached to the main house. Where you locate the car shelter is purely a matter of personal preference, though your decision may be influenced by external factors such as the amount of space available in your yard, weather patterns in the area, and so forth. For example, if you have a small amount of free space in your yard, it might be prudent to attach the carport to the main building so you can at least leave some space for your young ones to play. An attached carport would also be a perfect choice if you live in a hurricane-prone area and would like to give your outbuilding extra structural support to offer greater resistance to hurricanes. A freestanding carport, on the other hand, would make a suitable choice if you have a large yard and want to make a big statement regarding your personal sense of style.

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