One of the jobs that mining contractors usually have to perform is to drill many feet below the ground for exploration and extraction purposes. This usually calls for very powerful core drilling equipment because it involves boring holes through thick layers of soil and hard rock. One of the most widely used types of core drilling equipment used in the mining industry is diamond core drill bits. The following points will highlight why diamond drill bits are one of the most revered drilling machines available for mining applications.

They can achieve greater depths

When mining contractors set out on a mining mission, they usually do not know what they will find hidden below the ground. Regardless, mining tradespeople should be prepared for anything, even if it means drilling holes in layers and layers of hard rock. If this is typical of drilling jobs in mining undertakings, what better way to meet the requirements of the job than with diamond drill bits?

Diamond is one of the hardest materials available on the face of the Earth. Because diamond is extremely hard, it can easily tear away virtually all obstacles that come its way with minimal wear. Therefore, diamond drill bits can reach superior depths when used to drill holes in the ground.

They give more accurate cuts

Diamond core drill bits are able to provide clean, accurate cuts. This means that there will be less material waste and minimal material distortion, but more importantly, work is performed to a higher standard. Mining contractors who want to take samples onsite will find diamond drill bits to be a perfect choice of drilling equipment because the samples taken are truly representative of the site conditions. As an added advantage, less debris means there will be less waste to dispose of.

They generate less disruptive noise

Compared to other core drills used in the mining industry, diamond drill bits are one of the quietest core drilling machines available on the market. The process generates very little noise, therefore it can be carried out without necessarily disturbing other personnel. This attribute makes diamond core drills rank high in terms of environmental friendliness. 

They come in a range of core sizes

Last but not least, diamond core drill bits come in multiple sizes for drilling holes of different sizes, so it's possible to find a drill that is suited for every drilling job.

Whatever your diamond drilling requirements, make sure you use the right people to operate the equipment. This will ensure the job is performed fast, safely and efficiently.