If you share your home with a long-haired cat, chances are you've had your fair share of carpet-related mishaps. Whether it's stray hairs constantly stuck in the carpet fibres, an older cat having an accident and leaving an unpleasant odour, or nasty stains accumulating, you might be starting to wonder if carpet is really the best flooring option for you and your kitty. The simple answer is no.

By choosing high-quality hardwood flooring, like blackbutt timber, you'll have an attractive surface that's easy to maintain, even with a cat around. Read on for details on three key benefits.

It's easier to vacuum

Hardwood floors are much easier to vacuum than carpet, and there's no risk of your cat's hair getting woven into the fibres of your carpet, which can make it almost impossible to remove the hair. Hardwood is also easier to sweep, which is ideal if you want to quickly clear up a few stray hairs or pieces of litter without getting out the vacuum.

A handheld vacuum is another great everyday option and comes in handy if your cat tends to knock pieces of dry food out of their bowl. Choose a vacuum cleaner with high suction and a special pet hair removal attachment for the easiest cleaning experience.

It won't absorb odours

Fabric absorbs odours, and that's exactly what you don't want when there's a cat around. You may not notice the smell, but there's a good chance that guests entering your home for the first time will immediately know that you have a cat, especially if it's an accident-prone one. While pet odour removal sprays can be somewhat effective, it's much more hygienic to remove the root cause of the odour problem — your carpet. Hardwood flooring won't absorb odours, and any messes can be cleaned up quickly and easily without the risk of them lingering in the carpet fibres and making your home smell.

It can be cleaned more thoroughly

Unless you completely remove carpet, it's impossible to be sure that you've completely removed all dirt and bacteria. Carpet cleaning machines are costly to rent and time-consuming to use, which means that you probably don't end up cleaning your carpets as often as you should. With hardwood flooring, cleaning is easy. Using disposable floor wipes is an easy way to keep things clean day to day, and having a more thorough clean using a mop once or twice a week will keep your hardwood in top shape.