A few years after moving into your dream home, you may find yourself in need several repairs for your asphalt driveway. Various issues that you may notice appearing on your driveway include a fading appearance, potholes and cracking. These forms of driveway damage are significantly apparent to the naked eye. If you do not properly maintain your driveway, it will age in a distasteful manner. These issues occur due to poor drainage, terrible sealing and, in particular, wear and tear. Hence, it is necessary that you always maintain your asphalt driveway to maintain its beauty and prevent significant damage, which might be costly. If you are thinking of fixing any obvious issues or damages on your driveway, here are a few tips that can help you do a perfect job.

I.    Weather Condition

To do a perfect repair job on your asphalt driveway, you need an entire dry and hot day. This is the best weather condition to work on a cold patch as moisture or rainfall may disrupt the bonding process. You should note that sealing needs to be done on a warm sunny day since the warmth also enhances and strengthens the bond.

II.    Size of The Damage Matters A Lot

If you are repairing a crack or hole in your driveway, it is imperative to use the correct repairing product. This is determined by the size of the crack or hole in your driveway. If the crack is less than an inch wide, consider using a caulking gun and crack filler material to seal the crack. If the crack is several inches wide, consider using asphalt cold patch materials to seal the crack. This will form a firm surface over the crack.

III.    Do Not Overlook The Importance Of Tamping

Tamping plays a vital role in repairing your asphalt driveway as it eliminates air pockets in the asphalt patch and utilises the pressure to create a stronger bond. You should remember to tamp down the repair patch before and after filling the crack or hole with repair materials. If you are repairing a large hole, you can use a large tamping tool or slowly roll your car over the repair area to do a fast and a decent job.

IV.    Clean Your Driveway

Cleaning the driveway should be the first step before you commence sealing or repairing your driveway. You should remove any loose asphalt or gravel that is in your driveway and the crack or hole. This ensures that there are no loose or weak sections in the repair areas, as this may weaken or fault the entire driveway repair process.  

If you need more complex asphalt repairs than these, contact a professional.