Your home's asphalt driveway is designed to endure constant vehicular traffic and daily exposure to inclement weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, and UV radiation from the sun. Over time, however, the signs of damage will begin to show and you'll need to fix the damage to extend the life of your driveway.

A bitumen spray seal is a two-coat system that is formed by spraying a layer of hot liquid bitumen onto a prepared road base surface and then placing a layer of aggregate on top of it. This helps rejuvenate the older surface in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of bitumen spray sealing for driveways.

It saves you money

Replacing your entire driveway is great but it can be an extremely expensive project. A spray seal job provides a durable surface without the expense of a completely new driveway. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for a sealed driveway on a tight budget.  It adds beauty to existing asphalt surfaces.

Whether you like it or not, the appearance of your driveway will contribute to the beauty of your home's exterior. If you care about the kerb appeal and value of your residential real estate, it's best to keep the driveway looking its best. Driveway spray sealing will not only add years of life to your driveway but will also increase its beauty. By providing you with a completely new road surface, bituminous seals hide surface blemishes that may ruin the aesthetics of your driveway and entire property.

It saves time

Bitumen spray sealing does not involve demolition and removal of the existing surface. The existing asphalt surface is left intact and only prepared to ensure the new seals adhere well. The sealed driveway will be ready for use within a fraction of the duration it would take to install a new driveway, hence it is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a quick-to-install driveway.

It is good for the environment

Bitumen spray sealing reduces the amount of waste that will need to be disposed of after driveway rejuvenation. It also uses fewer materials compared to a new driveway installation job. These qualities make it a great choice for the environment. 

If you want to get the most out of your driveway spray sealing project, you should hire an experienced asphalt contractor close to your project location.