Building contractors often require commercial cleaning services to clean up their sites. Finding a cleaning service with the expertise needed to clean up a construction or renovation site can be quite hectic. Below are some insights that will prove valuable to contractors looking for a cleaning service. 

Check The Company's Specialisation

Your primary concern would be companies that claim to clean up construction sites but do not have the required expertise and equipment. Therefore, it is up to you to conduct due diligence to establish the company's speciality. Ask for a visit to some of the company's sites. Besides, you could check reviews or seek testimonials from contractors who have engaged in the company's services. Moreover, examine the company's licencing. For example, they might require special permits to handle and transport dangerous materials like lead and asbestos. 

Examine The Company's Expertise

Ask how the company will clean up your site. Ideally, the company should detail the following: 

  • The company should perform preliminary site inspections to determine the kind of waste generated at each section of the site. For example, ceramic tile chippings could be found inside the rooms and metal bars outside.
  • The company should install signage to warn site employees of ongoing cleaning works and dangerous materials.
  • The company should provide its employees with appropriate and high-quality personal protective equipment.
  • After cleaning, the company staff should separate the waste into organic, recyclable, non-recyclable, and dangerous waste. If some waste (such as aggregate) is reusable at the site, the company should inform the site manager.
  • The company should dispose of the collected waste appropriately. If possible, the company should provide skip bins to ease waste disposal.  

Agree On The Conditions Of Engagement

Most cleaning services have their terms and conditions. However, as the client, you should negotiate these conditions since you have the upper hand. Some concerns should include: what is the frequency of the clean-ups? Consider cleaning companies with a flexible schedule since site operations are unpredictable at times. Besides, you do not want the cleaners to show up, yet there is nothing to clean up. Ask about the company liability policy. For instance, what would happen if a cleaner stole or broke something expensive at the site? Additionally, ensure that the company has the required insurance covers. They are a sure way to avoid liability in case of an accident involving their staff. Negotiate for a flexible pricing strategy. A fixed price could hurt your business in the long run. 

When hiring a construction site cleaning service, check the company's specialisation, expertise and terms. 

For more information on commercial cleaning services, contact a company near you.