It seems crazy to think that there was once a thriving asbestos mining industry in Australia, digging as much of this mineral from the ground as possible so workers could use it in construction and other industries. Now it's common knowledge that exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to mesothelioma, lung damage and cancer, and it can sometimes take decades for infection to become evident. For these reasons, you must conduct an asbestos audit if you live in a period home or are considering moving into one. What should you be thinking about in this situation?

Being Suspicious

Asbestos was so versatile and relatively cheap that contractors used it in many products and building processes. That older home is almost sure to contain some unless someone has already taken steps to remove it. You should be suspicious of every surface within your property until you know otherwise and should certainly not consider any renovation until you have talked with experts.

Carrying out an Audit

It may be possible to conduct a full asbestos audit and simply identify where this substance is present. For example, it could be in the shingles on your roof, but it may be perfectly safe so long as you do not disturb it. If you plan to fit a new roof, you will need to bring in asbestos removal experts to do this. Roofing contractors will not touch the installation until this happens unless they also specialise in this highly controlled task.

Looking in Obscure Places

You can also find asbestos within the drywall, floor tiling and ceilings and insulation used for water pipes and chimney flues. It may be hidden behind brick siding used as cladding on older homes and could even lurk within an older fence that forms your boundary. The list goes on to include obscure items like gaskets that can form the seal on fireplace doors, and this is why you should leave everything alone until you have commissioned an asbestos audit.

Conducting Safe Removal Practices

When technicians remove the asbestos, they will show up in full protective clothing, complete with masks and gloves. They will seal off the immediate area and work according to a specific practice to ensure that they remove all traces and do so in absolute safety.

Bringing in the Experts

As long as you take all precautions and know what you are working with, you can still be safe. However, get in touch with asbestos removal experts to be on the safe side.

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